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No avocado green or harvest
gold colors in our kitchens!
LovelandRentals are regularly updated with new appliances, carpet and
other amenities.  LovelandRentals offers only properties that are available to
you indefinitely provided you pay the rent on-time and care for
the property.
Below are some
properties we manage in
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Premier Rental Homes
Northern Colorado Rental Properties
Best overall online local rental listings

Property Management Companies;

1. Rocky Mountain PM
(no longer recommended due to complaints
over new owner's business practices)

2. Henderson PM (average)

3. Armadillo PM (good people)

4. Drake Manor Management

5. All Property Services (Be careful!)

6. 1st American Properties LLC

7. Faith PM

8. 1st American Properties

Tenants - please send us any links to local property
management companies we may have missed along with
your recommendation for people seeking housing regarding
your own experiences with that company is a division of
Second Empire Holdings LLC
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Why We Are Different
We never allow smoking in any of the  
properties by any species (inside or
outside) and any violation is grounds for
termination of the lease for cause.

We also do not allow cats into any of the

This helps us keep properties available
for people with allergies and reduces our
long-term costs of maintance and repair
Beware of Unethical Landlords!

If your landlord is cutting corners and breaking laws be careful!

In our experience landlords who collect rent in cash (to hide income),
lease homes with non-conforming bedrooms (without proper windows to
exit in a fire) or are involved in other deceitful behavior; they are a huge
to you as the tenant.   

It means they may eventually bend the rules on your lease, ignore your
verbal agreements with them or invent damage to keep your security
deposit given their lack of integrity.  We have heard many horror stories.

Below are hints to avoid the three most common scams;

1. Never sign a lease that shows a rent amount different than what you
are actually paying (especially in Section(8) housing situations).  This is a
common fraud against HUD and IRS.  Why commit a crime so your
landlord can avoid taxes or get an illegal rent subsidy from HUD?
you and your landlord could be prosecuted for fraud and go to jail.

2. Avoid trading rent for labor to fix the property unless you are a bonded
and ensured contractor and the landlord documents your actual rent/labor
exchange in your lease.  If you are injured, the landlord can simply deny
the agreement, if not written, thus avoiding responsibility.

3.  Do not let children or adults live in a "study" or basement room without
a proper window.  Firefighters cannot save them if the structure is burning
and there is no  access to the room from outside the structure.