A division of Second Empire Holdings
Frequently Asked Questions

What if my credit isn't very good?
We value greatest your past record in paying
rent and verify that you are gainfully employed.  Slow payments to
credit cards, car payments and other loans are not considered
heavily against any applicant.  

What if I recently foreclosed on my own house?
We currently have some very good tenants who previously foreclosed
on their own properties due to extenuating circumstances.  We will
consider each application on a case by case basis so long as you
fully disclose negative financial information in your

What are the terms?
Rent is due and payable on the 1st of every month.  Move-in
requires a deposit nearly equal to one month's rent and first month
rent.  Unless otherwise noted, all properties require a one-year lease.

Detailed terms and conditions are set forth in the lease agreement.

Are pets allowed?
Unless noted otherwise, dogs may be considered with a $200 pet
fee, however, cats are never allowed.

What about smokers?
All of the properties leased are first rate and exceptionally clean.  We
regrettably cannot accept any smokers due to the long-term damage
smoking causes to interior living areas.  In addition, smoking also
creates a fire risk that impacts our ability to insure leased properties.

When can I see the property?
Please call (970) 461-0022 anytime to make an appointment to see
an available property.